June 15, 2023 1 min read

Don't throw it away, update your style in 5 steps or less….

Pick a piece and create a look around it easy as one two ( you get the drift) 

We love fashion blending pieces you already have with a new piece of style that you will love.

So here it is.

1   A woven halter that snatches the waste and is 

easy and comfortable in all the right places. It snatches the waste 

          and is the sleeveless choice from Summer to Spring. 

2  Dig in your closet for denim. 

Denim is so versatile there is no reason to throw it away ever. 
A denim pencil skirt is a must for this look. 
Another choice also a maxi skirt is a contrast from the snatched waist of the halter, it accentuates your curves for sure.  
Or it's hot in our studio in Las Vegas so why not get those shorts out white, blue or of course denim makes an easy choice that will look great from Beach to well Casino  ( it is Vegas of course!) 

3  Sandals in white or natural lace ups or for Summer. 

Heels go perfect with this look 

dressed up for your special Summer we outside event! Shoes can dress up or down any outfit and make a beautiful fashion statement. 

4  A great bag we love isMarcobaga’sunique one of a

 kind bags that go with everything. We of course love the blue bag with the peek a boo openings.  

5  Go outside in Style ! 

We aint playin' really go ! 

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