March 04, 2022 2 min read

As modern brides opt for sustainable fashion options, it’s no surprise that their guests may follow suit. 

Being eco-friendly impacts all areas of life, including a girl’s ‘Big Day’. So when asked to attend the wedding of an eco-conscious bride, it’s only fitting to dress the part.

Luckily, gone are the days of the traditional dress codes for wedding guests that featureformal floor-length evening gowns and excludes anything ‘casual’.

But, are you wondering where to start?

Unlike popular beliefs, dressing as a sustainable wedding diva does not have to be super casual-looking and lacking flair. There are tons of glamorous options to get you styled and ready to enjoy the day. We’ll even go as far as saying that being sophisticated in denim is an option. 

Here’s how to make the right choices as a sustainable wedding guest!

Select Semi-Custom Made

Semi-Custom made options will guarantee that you get exactly what you want to wear. No more thinking about where the fabric was sourced, what the production labor looks like and how much material waste is involved in achieving the right style and fit for you. Simply have the conversation with your designer and make the decision that best suits you. At Greenstitch, we are always pleased to have custom fit conversations with our wedding guest divas. Why not join the conversation

Read The Labels

There’s loads of information on your garment label that you may not be paying attention to. Avoid making assumptions while making a sustainable decision surrounding your next garment purchase as a wedding guest. Keep a keen eye open for synthetic fabrics, fur and leather and instead, shop for cleaner fabrics that are either recycled or organic.

Pay Attention To The Finishing Touches

Trimmings and embellishments can be sustainable too! Observe these elements on your garment options and ensure that they are being produced sustainably. Freshwater pearls, upcycled leather details and repurposed buttons are a few of the trimmings and embellishments that can add the right amount of style to complete your sustainable wedding diva look. Don’t take these things for granted. 

So now that you know what you should be looking for in order to be the most stylish sustainable wedding diva a your next wedding event, here’s some Greenstitch inspiration to help you show up in total fashion and flair...

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