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Greenstitch Fashions


Sustainable women's fashion more than creating pieces it is creating design for your style.


Let your style say what you want to say.  This is the Greenstitch take on a fashion brand. 


I call it the one piece look in our finding that one statement piece and blending it into your style and wardrobe.  Maybe you have thrift and recycled clothing that you love add an and eco friendly piece of fair trade style to your style.  Whether it be a jacket or a hand dyed kimono this clothing will turn your take on sustainable ethical fashion to new heights.  Creating your own recycled look from your closet with one piece of sustainable clothing one look that says you are creating an ethical style all your own.  Ethical style is what your fashion says about who you are and what you believe in.  Our ethical clothing pieces say your style is organically created of hemp and cotton , plant natural clothing dyes as well as other natural fabrics and materials.


That ethical one piece can recycle your style and take the garments in your closet to a new level. 


Here are a few pieces that use eco friendly fabrics to create garments that speak to our sustainable women's clothing and fashion brand  vision.


Wrap top

Both versatile and perfect under a blazer or a great denim jacket.

Certified organic cotton top that is created with natural dyes and textile fibres that are hand dyed with natural plant dyes.


Denim wrap top

Make your fashion statement in ethical and sustainable fashion with this and a pair of your favorite recycled denim jeans.  These pieces we chose are Vegan and wash wear and go and go.



This jacket can go from the boardroom to a night out clothing that goes anywhere.

Ethical and beautiful all in one.  Created with eco-friendly fabrics and as with all of out ethical garments washable.


Pants that relax

These pants created of hemp and organic cotton say ethical fashion and style in one look.  Many colors are naturally dyed and easy to mix and match to create your style using any piece of clothing you your wardrobe. 


So create the ideal look from your closet and recycle a piece or two with one piece created naturally with sustainable fabrics that says what your clothing style is.


One look that says that your look and style can tell the fashion industry that your style is unique and of course your statement in sustainable women's fashion.


Style your own ethical self!

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