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Mother’s Day is around the corner so we thought that we’d turn the spotlight on those beautiful ladies who give birth to every unique member of society for the entire month of May. 

Also known as ‘the sustainable mom’, let’s specifically chat about “The Greenstitch Mom” who we define as that fashion-forward mother who takes pride in being mindful of the environmental impacts of the fashion industry. She opts for the more eco-friendly and thus sustainable offerings of Green Stitch Fashion. 

So you may be asking, ‘What makes Greenstitch Fashions sustainable?’

Keeping distinguishable eco-friendly design at the forefront of each creation, we use natural dye and sustainably sourced fabrics like organic cotton, hemp and silk instead of highly pollutant synthetic fabrics. Also, each piece is uniquely constructed in a zero-waste environment that pays homage to classic couture which gives each consumer the best quality from each design.


The fashion industry is known to be one of the world’s highest pollutants so we at Green Stitch Fabrics want to do our part towards a healthier environment and we know that there are moms out there who think and feel the same way too. 


Here are our Top Picks for our “Greenstitch Fashions  Mom”:



100% vegan, this hand dyed wrap top is comfortable and versatile with a variety of wrapping ways for mom to explore her style.



Perfect for work or play, these athleisure-inspired pants are made from WRAP certified 55%natural hemp and 45% organic cotton blend from Turkey. It’s the ideal closet staple for the mom who’s always on the go.




Every mom deserves a custom fit and flair dress in their closet. Made with hand dyed hemp and silk, this dress is on the top list for it’s flirty fit that’s great for any body shape whilst  featuring unique detailing with an Italian sustainable denim collar.

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Grace J Akbar

May 05, 2021


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