August 10, 2021 2 min read

But before we get into some sustainable summer trends, let’s uncover the stats. Within the last year we’ve seen a real positive shift in the sustainable fashion world. There has been a continuous increase in people becoming more conscious of the fashion industry and are more motivated to support brands that are beneficial for people, animals and the planet. According to aMcKinsey 2020 research, “57% of shoppers agreed that they made significant changes to their lifestyles to lessen their environmental impact”.

So getting back to those sustainable summer trends...

Upcycling, diversity inclusion and online ethical shopping are some of the topics that have been trending but here’s our Top 3 Sustainable Summer Fashion Trends that are great for any Greenstitch Diva:

Halter Summer Tops


Popular in the 90’s, halter tops are making a comeback and this trend can sustainably find its way into your closet with Greenstitch’s High Collar Halter Top. Glamorous and uniquely designed, this piece features a high, pleated collar with an African cowry shell button closure and a fashion forward, semi-fitted look through the torso that’s super trendy this season. Wear with shorts, jeans and even long, flowy skirts to embark on your stylish, sustainable summer. 


Strappy Summer Silhouettes 

This flirty summer trend has already taken over and we’ve created one of the best sustainable fashion tops that you’ll see this season. Featuring a gorgeous lattice detail at the lower edge of a silk and hemp top, this beauty is your perfect summer wardrobe addition.



The Perfect Dress 


Make a statement from every angle.  This woven detail dress will never make you look like anyone but make an extraordinary statement.  Organic cotton with natural dye details.  This is great for the your next event or date night any night. 






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