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Eco-friendly design, natural dye, and sustainably sourced fabrics are just some of what distinguishes Greenstitch from other clothing brands. With conscious manufacturing and consumerism at the heart of her business, Anisa ensures each piece is uniquely tailored and made in homage to classic couture, with zero waste or industry constraints. Timeless, not seasonal. Classic, not fads. Always custom, never cliché.

Greenstitch Fashions
accentuate your fashion story in a language as beautiful and unique you are


cultural flair with custom fashion

Each one of a kind piece is an enhancement to the wardrobe that offers versatility, and vitalizes any collection. Whether fashionista or minimalist, Greenstitch pieces offer form and flattery. Every woman has her own story to tell, and the garments she wears are a distinct part of that story.

Designed in Las Vegas, born in L. A.


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Anisa Kelso
Designer + Founder

Greenstitch Fashions is the handiwork of Anisa Kelso, owner and head couturier.
Her first sewing lesson at age ten was the spark that would ignite Anisa’s life-long passion for fashion designing. Although a graduate of the Art Institute of Las Vegas, it was living next door to a couture fashion designer that imparted the art of precision, and attention to detail that would mark Anisa’s style-culture brand. Her creativity bloomed as she worked diligently to hone her talent for creating statement pieces that contoured and complimented.
Having traveled the world, her visits to Australia, Asia and Continental Europe, (specifically Italy), refined her creative eye, and deepened her appreciation for regional textiles and cultural fashion. She launched Greenstitch Fashions in 2018 to bridge that cultural flair with custom pieces for every woman. Designing from cotton, linen, sustainable denim, and silk, all fabric is hand-dyed using plant-based materials, before it is transformed.
Greenstitch Fashions accentuates your story in a language as beautiful and unique as the woman wearing them.